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Türkçe dil desteği gelsin artık!!

Turkish language support.

Good app

It works easily, but there were some black spot after I scaned a paper. I purchased this app

App is a Necessity!

Have used this app nearly every day for over two years. I absolutely love this app and have recommended it to so many people. It adds convenience to your life right at your fingertips. One option to add that would be nice is the ability to apply an electronic signature and date to a document.

Teeeible edge detection makes it useless

There is no sort of image stabilization on the camera for this, so every scan requires several extra minutes worth of time to manually adjust the borders. This is irritating and annoying enough to never use this app. The app does detect edges, but it always overshoots or undershirts some of the corners. With all the image processing libraries available these days, it’s inexcusable that such a core feature to a scanning app is entirely nonexistent.


Not intuitive. After a couple uses I still am unable to figure out how to name my scanned documents. It took appreciable time to figure out how to group multiple pages of documents. Lack of understanding this feature caused me to delete previously saved documents. And, I often get trapped in dead ends with the software, not sure how to return to previous screens. Very disappointed. Just stopped using it.

Trash app won’t open and load

iCloud and google drive enabled. Totally trashed when you have too many files App won’t even open or scan, it crashes every time


The best of the best !! 100% recommended .

Lost 2 years of checks

Great app until I lost 2 years of check data. I will get rid of it and find one that’s not going to crash and delete important transactions. Unstable. Fine until recently, no 2016-18 checks. Gone!

Best Mobile scanner

It’s a great scanner app. One of my favorite features about Readdle apps is that they are linked with one another. I use ‘Documents’ app for file management, ‘Scanner Pro’ for scanning paper work, ‘PDF Expert’ for PDF editing and finally ‘Printer Pro’ for printing. All without going to Home Screen. A feature that Scanner Pro needs is ‘Scanning two sides of card and adjusting them on one page’. This could make it the bast Scanner app.

Scan it fast

Super fast and time

Best Scanner app

Love the app. But crashes during the scanning of the very first page. iOS 12.0.1

Awesome stuff.

Hello Readdle. Awesome tools! Deservers to be a 5 star app, but missing just one from me because I can’t automatically upload to my WebDAV. It automatically uploads to my iCloud and OneDrive without a problem, but I also use private cloud hosting that supports WebDAV. Please do add the option to enable auto uploading to WebDAV :)

Not for OCR Solutions (as Readdle advertises)

Horrible, horrible, OCR no matter how polished or pre-preped the Photo is with the source text. Even very clean clear black text on white background, the app usually has errors. Poorly executed programming flow. Even if I take a snip of text, say a paragraph in the picture, it assumes the snip I just made in its crop selection is a full page. So the app, to correct for this stretches the snip. My text paragraph, is now stretched up and down in really thin lettering. Then it tries to perform OCR on this and naturally fails miserably. Just what were they thinking? Didn't anyone try their app before putting it on the store? Band-Aid fix is ...if you can guess almost exactly the dimensions of your clipped paragraph, you can punch X and Y dimensions in manually and it does better. Second-best is using the auto size feature, which on mine didn't appear as the default setting -why I don't know. And sadly, Readdle doesn't even have the workflow so that from your pictures album you could send a picture directly to OCR with a "cut" button for pasting (which is what the user is going to do next) ready to go like in other apps. Clumsy, clumsy, unusable. Not the typical Readdle Standard quality of apps. They really dropped the ball on this one. The only good thing I can applaud them on is being forward thinking and putting WebDave features in place cleared -kudos. Otherwise, it's just another scanning app.

File Name in iCloud

The file name it created in iCloud is “Documents” the same as the real “Documents”. You can’t change it or rename it. I’m constantly saving files to the wrong folder. When I asked support about it they said the may fix it in the future. Wow. Looking for a new scanner.

Can’t open pdf to scanner pro

Unfortunately there is no option when opening PDFs to open in scanner pro. It only allows items that were scanned by app to be opened.

Not well integrated into iOS

This is a pretty clunky app in terms of integrating with iOS; after a scan, it takes a lot of taps to bring up the iOS share extensions to get the PDF or JPEG out of the app. Also, there’s no .png export option.

Good but...

It takes excellent images and is loaded with features, but many basic commands are hard to find. Quite unintuitive.

Keeps Crashing

When I try to save, this app simply crashes on my iPad 12.9.

I had doubts...

They’ve since been allayed. Saves tons of time and space. A solid and easy to use utility app.

Better alternatives for free

It takes forever to recognize half of the stuff i scan when it does it’s alright the quality’s not as good as the other apps there’s a better app and it’s free and it recognizes it really quick the app is called Evernote scan I’ve been using scanner pro for years and it still hasn’t improved Evernote is relatively new so thats sad that is better and is my go to app until the developers of scanner pro make it as good as that app and scanner pro has been around for years so it’s sad that i had to switch and which is why i gave it two stars is only because it’s very easy to save to files and etc...

Worth it

I don’t usually take the tome to write reviews but this one was worthy of my time. I had a bunch of textbooks that I was going toss out but I bought this app and gave it a try. It’s fast and takes very high quality images. The OCR takes documents and turns them digital so you can copy and past any of the text you scan. I would buy again and I e been sharing the app with my family. Great quality and with every penny.


Excelente aplicacion la recomiendo

Best in class

This is the best scanning app I have tried—and I have tried a dozen or so! For the 70% of the time that distortion removal works, it is great! Two small complains with an otherwise stellar product: 1. App is inconsistent in how it deals with shadows on the page. Unfortunately, this is a constant annoyance as there are almost always some shadows unless you have improbably perfect light—in which case, you probably have better options for scanning than an iPhone! The result is that about 10% of pages require a retake or two before a clean scan is obtained—and maybe 5% of pages require a half-dozen tries to even get an acceptable scan, never mind a good one. Considering how hard it is to find lighting where the phone itself does not cast a shadow on the page, the app should handle this better—on this it is clearly behind others. 2. App can be quite badly behaved with longer documents. Somewhere around around 15-20 pages, app sometimes crashes. Fortunately data seems usually to be preserved so you can pick up where you left off but it is annoying. Some rough edges notwithstanding, this remains the best scanning app I have so far found.


I am glad I have this app. Its very helpful and handy. I was trying to scan a long paper but Its too long it didn’t fit on my scanner with printer had problem solving how to manage it. But I remember I have this app.! Managed to scan it my documents without having any difficulty. Solved!!!!

Great app, one huge annoyance.

I really like this app, and I want to give it five stars, but until you stop asking me EVERY SINGLE TIME I upload to enable auto upload, I will not give you over three stars. I upload things to so many different locations, there is no way auto upload will ever make sense. So please, give us away to say “I don’t ever want to auto upload, stop asking me to enable this feature”.

Scanner Pro crashes since iOS 12 update

I have used Scanner Pro for years and never had an issue. Now I just got the "Updated for iOS 12" version and it crashes on start-up. Duration it runs is variable (Max 30seconds). I will not update to iOS 12 yet, and I did not see a warning saying this new version is not backward compatible with older iOS. I hope this is only a temporary glitch and I can adjust the star rating back to 5 because I otherwise very much liked this app. I can not get into the app to contact the creator, so I hope they monitor these rating comments and fix this soon.

Best Customer Support!

Another commitment to the customer and product! A free upgrade! A true time saver, Organizer. There is never a reason to lose documents, scan them, email them, upload them. A must have for sales professionals. Integrates nicely with Concur. Thanks for the Folders. I have been using Readdle Apps for a long time. I can say Readdle's customer support is responsive and helpful. They will work with you until it works and it always has. Buy it you will not be sad!

Awesome app

Keep up the good work! Best app I ever purchased.

5 Stars!!

Works great! Love the GUI and the ease of navigating the app. Most importantly, the scans look great. Just like every Readdle product... 5 Stars!


I did not buy purchases. Please delete complete and refund. Thank you.

Best scanning app ever!

I absolutely love this app it takes great photos and copies of documents or photos. I took a picture of a photograph with my iPhone the picture was grainy. I scanned it with Scanner Pro an the picture was perfect and gorgeous of my niece and it’s using the same camera. I can scan a five page document save it attach it to an email and have it sent in a couple of minutes as opposed to many minutes using my printer/scanner and laptop computer. Love it. Thank you for a great app.


The Best scanner app hands down.. Please !! Please !! add a PDF import

Better Readdle workflow than scanbot

I've been using scanbot for years, but I've had this app along with other Readdle solutions (pdf expert) for my document management. And lately I just started inbuilt option of pdf expert to scan documents for me. Previously I was maintaining record in Scanbot and then exportinit over to pdf expert. Improvement in scans quality by scanner pro has lead me to make the shift.This has now locked me into Readdle ecosystem (have all their business apps).

Best OCR App on the Market

Granted that I haven’t tried every single OCR app out there, but I did spend eight hours trying to find on that worked even half as well as this one does. Low-light, originals marked with handwriting, highlighting... this app has overcome almost everything I’ve thrown at it and gets it right 95% of the time– if not more! So happy. It’s definitely worth the price. (And then some.)

I love it

I use it at work a lot . One time my scanner at work didn’t work . So I kept all papers on floor next each other and with one walk I scanned them all perfectly 😀👆🏻


The extract text or what they call OCR doesn't work!! What a mess!! Biggest mistake ever to buy this app! And i spend already hundreds a month to buy apps, this is my first review as I'm so pist!!


This is one of my most valued apps. For work and personal use, I rely on Scanner Pro almost daily to get the job done. Workflow is simple and intuitive, scanning is fast and of excellent quality, text recognition is generally good. I highly recommend this workhorse!

Unable to share

The app works fine as advertised. HOWEVER I could not find Telegram and WhatsApp in the sharing list. I could save and then share it but it takes more time.

Why won’t it upload to email?

I haven’t used this app in a while, but want to again. Why will it not allow me to send via email anymore? It just hangs and says “upload pending”....

Email option stop working

My app just stop working today. I’m unable to email files. I need help

Ok for scans- not faxing

Many scans did not get sent- so I wrote them, and they refuse to refund me. They said I must go the iTunes. They further denied any responsibility, accused me of not knowing if my phone was set up properly.“ I wrote back “I have no way of checking the scans to see how or why they weren’t sent. As your team can not take responsibility for the losses, I am in contact with Apple..”

Not good anymore

I have used this and many other Readdle apps for a few years. While this scanner used to be good, it just doesn’t work well anymore. If the lighting is perfect the scanner works. If it’s too bright or dim all scans come out with a blue tint. Pretty much unusable outdoors. I hope the rest of Readdle’s apps don’t start going downhill like this one.

One of the most useful, best made apps ever

The thing I love best about this app is the attention to detail. When you drag the corner of the crop box to the corner of your document, a little zoom window pops up to help you precisely find the corner. And it pops up far from where your finger is. That’s just one example. This app is awesome. I have a flatbed scanner. I don’t use it anymore.

Does not take photos after updates

I paid $7 for this app years ago and now it doesn’t even take photos! Very frustrated. Please fix this bug ASAP!

Amazing Results!

I am amazed at the quality, consistency and ease of use. I use this App to scan and email legal documents and the output is top notch. I highly recommend.


I needed to scan some documents, obviously. I decided to opt for this app because I figured hey it’s payed and will be less of a hassle vs the free apps. So after paying for this app I was unable to get it to work properly and my documents kept coming out over saturated with color. As if it’s lack of functionality wasn’t enough this app is also not free to continue using even AFTER YOU PAY TO “purchase” THE APP! This app needs a subscription!!! I bought and then deleted this app with the hour. Download and used a free one without any other headaches or hassles. Skip this one!

Wonderful App, Except for...

I'm using this App on both my iPhone and iPad and think it's wonderful -- caveat, I'm a very new user. I'd give it 5 stars except for one thing: you can delete a scan on your iPhone, but NOT on the iPad. Unless I'm totally missing how it can be done, I can't locate delete!!! Help, please?

Awesome app

I’ve used this app for a couple of years now. It always works perfectly and is easily the most useful app that I have ever used.

Great Time Saver App

I bought this app out of desperation as I am in Germany and needed to scan a bunch of documents on a national holiday. It allows you to do as many pages as you need together in one PDF and automatically sizes and crops them. Super App and a life saver for me. Well worth the small fee.

Where’s the sharing with WhatsApp???

Where’s the sharing with WhatsApp???

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